What are the Lasik Surgery Options Available?

LASIK, the name itself states evolutionary medical technology that is growing up which makes a paradigm shift in the field of Lasik technology. The Technology is the most recommended one and easily accessible when it comes to laser vision correction surgery. LASIK can completely cure various vision corrections, and can fully remove the necessity of prescribed glasses or contact lenses. The elective surgery which is the new version of Lasik technology and is a highly effective contribution in eye surgery cases as the patient’s steps is also known as refractive surgery.

LASIK eye surgery is used to correct the following vision problems:

  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism

There are various steps in Lasik that are performed by ophthalmologists and specialized eye surgeons. The steps involved in Lasik correction are as follows:

  1. Eye drops related to Anaesthesia is implemented on the parts of the eye.
  1. A protective guard is always being used by Lasik surgeons to access the internal corneal eye tissue. As the operation starts, the eye reflection faded, and a blurred view stays for 60seconds.  With the protective guard, you can see the flashing light of the laser.
  1. The internal portion of the cornea receives computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light. The laser light makes a gentle sound and gives a proper shape to the internal corneal platform of the eye. The process consists of an eye-tracking device which tracks your eye movements to ensure optimum vision correction.
  2. After reshaping the corneal tissue, LASIK specialized doctors carefully examines and aligns the protective guard to its normal position. These shields are applied to the patient’s eye to prevent unnatural and accidental rubbing.

The various types of Lasik surgery are available as follows:

Wavefront Optimized LASIK —Detailed and descriptive surgery measurements are used control the internal curvature of your cornea. The process involves a new and structured shape to the front eye surface. This reduces the overall spherical divergence which can occur while refractive eye surgery

Custom LASIK —– corrective laser vision technology provides the Lasik surgeons to customize the laser treatment process for both the individual eyes of the patients. The process helps the patients to see the things with more viability and with a clear picture.

Bladeless LASIK —– Uniform Corneal flap is used by Lasik practitioners which gentle and precise. It’s a Bladeless Lasik treatment for customized eye operations.

Topography-Guided LASIK— most advanced and updated Lasik Technology are used by eye surgeons for the best treatment for eye patients. The introduction of Lasik technology takes it to a new level of performance.

PRK Lasik –Full form is photorefractive keratectomy is the most popular and recommended eye surgery method prescribed by doctors. This Lasik technology is used to eliminate the surface portion of the cornea.

During and after the LASIK treatment, patients feel some discomfort and irritation for a couple of hours, but the patient feels comfortable after taking a rest.

LASIK Technology is the most creative and is the latest technology used in vision corrective measures.