What are the Lasik Surgery Options Available?

LASIK, the name itself states evolutionary medical technology that is growing up which makes a paradigm shift in the field of Lasik technology. The Technology is the most recommended one and easily accessible when it comes to laser vision correction surgery. LASIK can completely cure various vision corrections, and can fully remove the necessity of prescribed glasses or contact lenses. The elective surgery which is the new version of Lasik technology and is a highly effective contribution in eye surgery cases as the patient’s steps is also known as refractive surgery.

LASIK eye surgery is used to correct the following vision problems:

  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism

There are various steps in Lasik that are performed by ophthalmologists and specialized eye surgeons. The steps involved in Lasik correction are as follows:

  1. Eye drops related to Anaesthesia is implemented on the parts of the eye.
  1. A protective guard is always being used by Lasik surgeons to access the internal corneal eye tissue. As the operation starts, the eye reflection faded, and a blurred view stays for 60seconds.  With the protective guard, you can see the flashing light of the laser.
  1. The internal portion of the cornea receives computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light. The laser light makes a gentle sound and gives a proper shape to the internal corneal platform of the eye. The process consists of an eye-tracking device which tracks your eye movements to ensure optimum vision correction.
  2. After reshaping the corneal tissue, LASIK specialized doctors carefully examines and aligns the protective guard to its normal position. These shields are applied to the patient’s eye to prevent unnatural and accidental rubbing.

The various types of Lasik surgery are available as follows:

Wavefront Optimized LASIK —Detailed and descriptive surgery measurements are used control the internal curvature of your cornea. The process involves a new and structured shape to the front eye surface. This reduces the overall spherical divergence which can occur while refractive eye surgery

Custom LASIK —– corrective laser vision technology provides the Lasik surgeons to customize the laser treatment process for both the individual eyes of the patients. The process helps the patients to see the things with more viability and with a clear picture.

Bladeless LASIK —– Uniform Corneal flap is used by Lasik practitioners which gentle and precise. It’s a Bladeless Lasik treatment for customized eye operations.

Topography-Guided LASIK— most advanced and updated Lasik Technology are used by eye surgeons for the best treatment for eye patients. The introduction of Lasik technology takes it to a new level of performance.

PRK Lasik –Full form is photorefractive keratectomy is the most popular and recommended eye surgery method prescribed by doctors. This Lasik technology is used to eliminate the surface portion of the cornea.

During and after the LASIK treatment, patients feel some discomfort and irritation for a couple of hours, but the patient feels comfortable after taking a rest.

LASIK Technology is the most creative and is the latest technology used in vision corrective measures.

Risk-To-Reward Ratio For Steroids

The risk to reward ratio is generally high for all steroid cycles and stacking makes them even stronger. From a simple viewpoint, greater the reward greater is the risk and vice-versa which means the more steroid you take the more are the chances of reward and higher is the risk factor. The type of steroid used along with the degree of responsiveness of the user will determine the intensity of the effect of the steroid. The risk and reward factor works differently for professionals and differently for normal users. The dosage level also needs to be titrated accordingly to maintain a balance between risk and reward. This can be best done by taking the help of an expert professional who will be able to recommend the appropriate dosage levels after considering various factors.

Certain safety measures to be followed

The first concern for every steroid user should be to decide whether they need anabolic steroids to enhance performance and physique or for therapeutic purposes. But beware of not to abuse them as improper dosage intake can result in serious complications. There are certain safety measures that must be strictly followed while taking anabolic steroids for muscle gain. It is always recommended not to take anabolic steroids before the age of 25 years as the body naturally produces hormones between the ages of 12 to 25 years. Mild steroids may be taken only if needed and on professional recommendation. It is always safe to restrict your steroid intake to testosterone for your first cycle as it is considered to be the safest of all anabolic steroids. This will help you to gauge your body’s reaction to external steroids so that you know what to expect from an intake. It is sensible to keep the steroid cycle as short as possible to avoid any severe side-effects and the cycle must not exceed 4 weeks. However, professional athletes and bodybuilders prefer to extend their cycle period from six to twelve weeks. Unless situation demands it is better not to stack more than a couple of anabolic steroids in a single cycle.

Recommendations for teenagers and beginners

Most teenage steroid users try to imitate the lifestyle and exercise routine of actors and film stars to get the type of physique they have in a way consuming higher amounts of steroid to get the desired results. Research studies have shown the interest of beginners more on bulking steroids to look as stronger and manly as possible. However, it is strictly recommended to avoid using steroids during the early teens and to use low dosage steroids during the late teenage years. For novice and teen steroid users it is better to start with testosterone-only cycles, the cycle period ranging from six to twelve weeks. For testosterone cypionate a dosage of 250mg twice per week for a period of 12 weeks is recommended while for testosterone enanthate the period is restricted to 10 weeks. However, testosterone propionate can be used 100mg shots every alternate day for 10 weeks.

How to look smart during your workout sessions?

Doing exercises as a daily routine work is good for staying fit and healthy. If you are one of those people who regularly visit the gym, then you must purchase appropriate gym wears.


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Look for the following features

Fitted clothes are not comfortable for many women during the gym time but loose t-shirts rub with the skin during repeated movements, thus it is advisable to opt for the fitted clothes. You can make use of the warm jacket when you are not working out actively. In addition to this, opt for the dark colors like black etc. While purchasing the gym wear, you need to consider few of the things. Some of them are listed below –

  • Material of the cloth – it is the first thing that you need to consider, opt for the material that can easily soak the sweat produced during the workout session as well as dry out quite faster. If the sweat is contained in your clothes then you may feel irritated. In addition, make sure that the fabric offers adequate breathability. The fabric of the cloth should be light in weight.
  • Comfort – the cloth should be such that it does not irritate the skin during repetitive movements. Girls must opt for the sports bra in order to provide adequate support to their bust as well as for avoiding the chafing. In addition, they should be quite light in weight. The clothes should be stretchable so that you can exercise without any trouble.
  • Proper accessories – if you are wearing any of the accessories in gym then ensure that they do not swing or hang as they might collapse or can lead to irritation while your work out.

Purchase proper gym accessories

In addition to the gym clothes like t-shirts, pants, sport bra etc. you also need to have the sport shoes, water bottle etc. You can stick to the style by purchasing the stylish and fashionable gym bag. Explore the online stores and know the latest ongoing trends. You can grab the Jabong and can purchase the latest fashionable gym bags at low prices. While purchasing the shoes ensure that they are of adequate size and you do not feel any pressure while wearing them. The shoes should be breathable and offer the necessity comfort during workout.

If you are very cautious about your health and fitness then you must purchase the perfect gym accessories. Fitness tracker is one such accessory. It is just like a band tied on your waist, thus you need not worry as it won’t collapse and irritate you while you workout. The activity tracker helps to keep a check on your heart rate, blood pressure etc. during the workout as well as all round the day.

Health benefits of gymnastics

Absolute strength and supreme flexibility…this is what you, or anyone else notices while watching gymnasts at work. You can’t help but feel amazed at the level of agility and flexibility shown by those doing gymnastics. From power to balance to grace to control, a whole lot of skills are required to engage in the extreme form of athleticism called gymnastic. Such is the level of complexities that not everyone and anyone can do those moves and tricks trained gymnasts do with effortless ease.

It’s indeed fun to watch gymnastics as a sport but replicating its moves needs some doing. It’s obviously much more than a simple tumble, run and jump. You not only have to swing, flip, hop and twist but have to maintain a perfect balance while doing all these things. You will need physical suppleness and mental dexterity to perform a back flip or forward roll. And once you’re able to bring all those skills together, you can feel easy in gymnastic.

Gymnastics benefits its practitioners at many level and brings a variety of health benefits, including:

Physical flexibility

Gymnastics makes one agile or it boosts physical agility. It involves muscles and bones and body parts in a way to take out any sing of lethargy. And once the body is flexible, it’s less susceptible to injuries. More so, a flexible body brings greater control to the body. Once you try this sport, flexibility is almost always a natural outcome. With required level of suppleness, you look fresh and young also.

Strong bones 

Bones become strong and healthy when the body is engaged in exercises that support weight. Children should be encouraged to take up gymnastics from an early stage to cut down the risks of osteoporosis. If they don’t start it at early stage, then there is always a risk of losing bone mass in a gradual manner or according to age. So, it’d be great if your child take to gymnastic and gain age-specific fitness and health benefits.

Mental focus

Physical benefits of gymnastics are obvious and visible, but what about mental gains? Researches prove that athletes engaged in gymnastics have more focus and concentration than the rest. It also allows one an opportunity to show some form of creativity and let body show a unique kind of rhythm. You get more power to concentrate and focus as you’re fit and healthy.

Superior coordination

Every individual is supposed to be born with natural ability to correct the body alignment to meet day-to-day needs. However, it’s gymnasts alone who are found to use this ability to great effect. So, whenever they face some awkward situations arising out of bodily imbalance, they know how to come out of the rut. In a sense, gymnasts are often found with superior coordination skills to lead a productive life. More so, they are better off in facing sudden situations that body sometimes finds itself in.

Controlled lifestyles

One of indirect health benefits of gymnastics is its leading to controlled lifestyles. Those who take part in this sport or exercise often look to maintain a fit and healthy body and stay away from harmful habits. More so, their lifestyle becomes so regulated that it stops diseases from striking. And once the diseases are kept at bay, the individual has no reason but to lead a healthy life.


It’s obvious that gymnastics helps individuals at many levels. That’s why it becomes important to join fitness classes Slough and gain mastery at an art form that keeps body healthy and fit. Join the class and go on showing your athletic side in a safe environment.