7 Surprising Benefits of Head Massage

If you want to have shiny, thick and beautiful hair, make head massage an essential part of your hair care ritual. Do this for only a few minutes a day so you can make a big difference on your hair’s look and feel. You don’t have to put on oil every time you massage your head. All you need is a simple, gentle massage with your fingertips so you can see the magic.

1) Increased Circulation in the Scalp

Massaging stimulates scalp circulation and brings with it hair nourishing nutrients and oxygen. It promotes a healthier and stronger hair growth. Massaging the scalp helps in the improvement of the movement of the blood to a person’s face and head. The increased flow at your hair’s roots can promote the healthy growth of hair. Whenever you use oil for massaging the scalp, you can also avoid the occurrence of new dandruff.

2) Improved Sleep

People who suffer from insomnia may be relieved with a scalp massage. Most people can sleep better whenever they have massage regularly. They have improvements in both staying and falling asleep. Scalp massage also helps give more energy to people who feel fatigued. It removes the toxins that accumulated in your scalp and increases the lymphatic flow.

3) It activates the hair follicles that are dormant to promote new hair growth.

It is essential for hair growth to receive circulation. If blood does not reach the hair follicles, they may wither and die quickly. Whenever the blood flow is good, the hair follicles will get all of the minerals, oxygen, and nutrients they need for growth.

Now, how can we increase the blood flow and circulation to the scalp? The best way anyone can do this is by scalp massages and exercises. Let us look at them individually. Scalp massage involves the use of a head massager that stimulates the hair and relieves scalp tension. You can do this on your own or get someone else to do it for you. Getting another person may be better but doing it on your own can also work well.

Utilize your hands and rub in circular motions. Start at the side, go to the front and then the back. As you massage, you can feel your scalp loosen and relax. You will surely feel better after you give yourself head massages for a while.

Massage does not only boost circulation. It also reduces tension and stress that causes the loss of hair in the first place. You may also utilize the handy head massager. Do this consistently for just five minutes a day to stimulate new hair growth.

4) Removal of Dandruff

Do your massage with the use of oil like castor, coconut, olive, sesame, almond, and jojoba. They moisturize and condition your scalp. It also avoids dandruff and dry, and flaky scalp.

5) Massages make hair more beautiful and shiny

Massage can distribute the natural scalp oils to the rest of the hair and strengthen the hair shaft. It will add shine and luster to your hair and protect it from split ends and breakage.

6) Feeling of Well-Being

Massaging the scalp can make anyone feel great, relaxed, and content. Include the face in the scalp massage to assist in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles because the face will not be too pinched whenever it is relaxed. It also helps relax the neck muscles and the scalp. Tight scalp muscles may suffocate your hair follicles and restrict blood flow.

7) Relief from Headaches

Massaging the scalp can assist in the relief of tension headaches. Whenever you perform a scalp massage on people with tension headaches, spend additional time on the skull’s base near the hairline since pressure usually accumulates in this area. It will also be beneficial if you also massage the temples and forehead so you can relieve a tension headache. Scalp massages also reduce the symptoms of migraine headaches in some people. It helps reduce stress and tension so you can sleep better.

You can relax through scalp massage. Give a scalp massage to a family member or friend whenever they need it. You may also acquire it from hair salons, spas and massage therapists who practice in private. Some people utilize oils like coconut oil and olive whenever they massage the scalp. Some individuals who do not want to get greasy may have it without the oil.

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